We are Digi Friends Indonesia; our fields of works are mostly in designs and digital media publishing. We provide solutions for personal or business use, small or big, all in one place. We are doing our works wherever we can connect to the digital network, which means, we can reduce our overhead cost of having settled office room. We are committed to providing high-quality design service with a high degree of attention to its clients.

Digi Friends Indonesia is a fast-growing design & graphics driven by experienced, reliable, professional and forward-looking persons, Adelle ter Braak, Joris ter Braak, Krasno and Fianca. Adelle & Joris started Digi Friends Indonesia in July 2016. In 2017 we became sales representative for CadDraft The Netherlands.

To deliver excellent service, we gathered only the best talents in our team. Through stringent selections, Digi Friends Indonesia has established a strong line of resourceful drafters, working efficiently to address any needs inquired by the client. Our drafters are not just advance beyond others by their solid, comprehensive design knowledge, but they also possess a good understanding of the business perspective, generated from rich experience of design practices over the years.

Therefore, we can give you competitive prices for our services.